A home firmly planted is a home of hope. It is available to every marriage and every family unit.

Where you are loved, accepted, and called higher.
Where you are steadied and secured by stability.
Where you learn and fail and grow and discover.
Where walls and roof matter less than the people within.

John and Corrie MannionThe name for this site comes from a book we like a lot. The book talks about those who are “firmly planted by streams of living water.” These people: produce ongoing fruit (life) and stand and don’t fear when the storms of life come of against them (stability). Life and stability. These are what we believe are available for and through the family.

Unfortunately, this view is not often expressed, believed, or experienced. Marriages and families are broken, and there seems to be little way out of the destructive cycles, endless fighting, and mediocre relationships. Many exist without a firm foundation, much less roots of any depth.

Our goal is to bring hope – expressing our thoughts out of a place of honesty and transparency, ultimately providing a firm foundation for new relationships and bringing healing and life to marriages and families. Of course, our marriage isn’t perfect, and there’s always more to learn. As we have kids, we’ll have even more to share. And that’s the beauty of a blog. We get to share as we go, and hopefully you’ll join us as we do just that. Read more about why we started the site and where we’re going HERE.

From Corrie:

  • I grew up in the Chicagoland area.
  • I love fluffy things, and I think coffee tastes nasty.
  • I work outside and ride horses.
  • Fall is my favorite season.
  • I write about healthy living and more HERE.
  • One funny thing about John: He hates receipts with a passion.

From John:

  • I grew up in many places, in and outside the US.
  • I love food, and summer (hot) is my favorite season.
  • I think big cats and whales are great.
  • I write some deeper thoughts HERE.
  • One funny thing about Corrie: She laughs a lot while reading (in a progression from high to low notes).

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The Millennial's Marriage Manifesto is a printable PDF of poetic inspiration. What is read here goes beyond the page to everyday life. It's a free resource of encouragement for you...and a little introduction to what we're all about.